Monday, August 29, 2016

Don't Spread Wealth

As an accomplished businessman, wealth may seem most important to others but for me it is the legacy you leave to your children and students. Spreading wealth and helping people realize the opportunities before their eyes are just the cake without icing. Whereas, the icing and cherry are the lessons and work ethics they learned from you, things that never fade and live in their heart and soul forever.

Only My Master Knows

When people throw rocks on you and pull you down, it just means that you're on top of them. Yet, stay low, remain humble and know that whatever they tell you, whatever unkind words they throw at you, only God knows the real you. Only He can judge you.

A loving reminder-- James Ruesch

Monday, February 15, 2016

At Work

Hello. I have over 19 years of industry experience in  various fields, such as Marketing and Advertising, International Trade and Development, Logistics and Supply Chain, Business Supplies and Equipment, Management Consulting, Machinery, Market Research, Information Technology and Services, Consumer Services, International Sourcing, Design for Manufacturing, China Business Development, Brand Development, Product Development and Management, Construction Management, Trade Promotions, Metal Fabrication, and even Racing and Motorsports Marketing. Hard Work is my specialty and it has become my second next to James Ruesch.